There comes a time in the evolution of every tech company where things just need a refresh. For Foursquare, that time is now. Last month the company branched its core app into two separate offerings, with the friends-hanging-out portion taking the name of Swarm. Now the mainline app's refresh has arrived, and it's all about delivering personalized recommendations. Think more Yelp and less Twitter.

The new Foursquare wants you to find places, food, and things that turn you on. It does this by asking for as many specific keywords as you can come up with, at which point it will take it from there, tossing up suggestions and learning from the ones you like.

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Discovering new places is now less about what your friends are into and more about you. That's not to say that Foursquare has gutted its social elements entirely. You can still follow people whose taste matches your own or hit up places that friends have liked nearby. But if you want to take it further than that, you're going to need to download Swarm instead.

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You won't find any more check-ins here. The new Foursquare is less interested in where you've been and more concerned about where you're going next. Depending on how you feel about this change, that may or may not be the widget below.

Foursquare City Guide
Foursquare City Guide
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