Gaming is one of the things Amazon touted quite a bit for Fire TV, and the company released an exclusive title called Sev Zero to show off everything its set-top box can do. The game is a mixture of tower defense and action shooter, which offers a unique blend of gameplay.

The company also released a companion app for the Kindle Fire HDX, which allows a two player co-op experience where the second player offers air support for player one. The app, appropriately called Sev Zero: Air Support, is now available for all Android tablets in Google Play. This is a surprising step for Amazon, as the company has kept a pretty tight grip on its own applications and products up until now, typically only making them available for Amazon-branded devices in its own Appstore.

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Just like its Fire HDX counterpart, Air Support puts player two in the middle of the action, allowing them to help player one with additional attacks like bombs and missiles, as well as supercharge the ground troop with better alien-slaying attacks.

When I reviewed Fire TV, I was very impressed with how well-executed this game is, and it's even more fun with a second player. If you have a Fire TV, grab Air Support from the Play Store at the link below.

This app is for tablets only and will only work alongside Sev Zero on Fire TV. It's useless on its own.

Sev Zero: Air Support
Sev Zero: Air Support
Developer: Amazon Mobile LLC
Price: Free