The official WordPress app for Android got a significant bump to version 3.0 today. Users who host a free blog on will see the greatest benefit from the added features, but just about everyone will see something new, and the bug fixes don't hurt either. The app doesn't have much to show in the user interface department, though it's been pretty solid since the Holo redesign in any case.

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First of all, you should now be able to swipe left and right to advance or go back between individual posts in the "View site" option on the sidebar. (I'd show you the feature in action, but apparently the app's built-in HTML viewer still doesn't support our browser authentication. Oh well, there's always v4.0.) blogs will now auto-update their post lists, and you can opt into the built-in analytics tools. Adding a location tool to a new post is a little easier: go into the editing window, tap "post settings," tap "locate," and it should automatically pop in your current position.

The changelog also says you can "get help by chatting with Automattic support," but all I can find is the usual bug submission form - there doesn't appear to be any real chat function unless you include your email address. A handful of bug fixes have been implemented as well, most notably the tendency for the app to crash on image uploads and web view renders.

Developer: Automattic, Inc
Price: Free