So maybe you haven't picked up one of those fancy new Shield Tablets yet—no worries, the original Shield portable is getting a nice little update to release 82. The OS is still based on Android 4.4 KitKat, but this is the biggest update Shield has seen in a while. It should be available for download now.


Here's everything that's included in OTA 5 Release 82 for the Shield handheld.

SHIELD wireless controller support (
Adds SHIELD wireless controller app for quick pairing to SHIELD portable
Wirelessly stream audio to a headset connected to the controller
New SHIELD Hub app (
Improves and replaces existing TegraZone app
Adds My Media Apps for quick launch access to installed entertainment apps
GameStream improvements
Quality of service and security improvements
New onscreen controls for GameStream. Access by long holding Start
Remote GameStream – required router settings changes for manual port forwarding (Learn More)
Netflix HD support for up to 1080p streaming in Console Mode
Ethernet indicator is now displayed in top-right Android notification bar when connected to Ethernet

You may be wondering why you'd need support for Nvidia's special WiFi Direct controller on the Shield since it has one built in. Well, it's for console mode, silly. Plug the Shield into a TV, stretch out on the couch, and use the controller to play games. The update also enables 1080p Netflix streaming while in console mode. TegraZone appears to have met its end in this update as well—the Shield Hub app is pretty much the same thing, though. GameStream is getting better too, but remote streaming will require a little network setup.