Update: In a timely interview with The Next Web, Blass stated that his reasons for ending his current work were mostly financial. He said that his attempts to monetize his Twitter stream, and later his website, were not successful enough to be sustainable. You can read the entire interview at The Next Web.


If you've done much reading on Android Police, or any other gadget-focused website in the last two years, you've heard of @evleaks. That's the professional handle of former Engadget and PocketNow editor Evan Blass, who revealed his identity right here on Android Police just over a year ago. According to his latest tweet, Blass plans to end his run as the most prolific phone and gadget leaker on the Internet.

Blass has been a very private individual since leaving the more typical avenues of tech reporting, even after revealing his identity, and has not given a reason for deciding to end his current position. In recent months he accepted sponsored posts and began his own advertising-sponsored website, evleaks.at. The fate of that venture isn't known, but the implication is that it will also be disappearing. Blass has publicly mentioned personal health issues on several occasions, and we'll say no more than that on the subject.

Blass's leaks spanned everything from vague rumors in text to (much more often) full-blown press renders of nearly every major Android phone release in the last two years. While he specialized in American carrier releases, he has covered hardware from nearly every major vendor on a variety of platforms all over the world. At this point there are over 150 articles directly or indirectly citing @evleaks on Android Police alone.

@evleaks had a spectacular run on Twitter, and his work will be missed by us, our contemporaries, and technology fans across the Internet. We wish Mr. Blass well in any future endeavors.

Source: @evleaks on Twitter