Nutrisystem's NuMi is an online program that caters itself to a person's lifestyle in order to help them lose weight. The site logs a person's meals, water consumption, activities, and other trackable things. It then uses this information to make meal recommendations, providing thousands of recipes. Now Nutrisystem has consolidated this offering into a mobile form with its newly available Android app.

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Being a mobile app, NuMi is able to point users in the direction of over 300 different restaurant chains that may suit their dietary preferences using their GPS location. Overall, the UI looks surprisingly well done, but the cool factor doesn't stop there. The app also integrates with Fitbit or Jawbone bracelets. Likewise, it can connect to Fitbit or Withings scales. We like it when companies open up their walled gardens so that we all can play along.

Nutrisystem's NuMi program isn't free, so neither is the app. You need a paid membership to get any use out of the software. But if you have already committed to the program, then why not add the app to your collection?

Developer: Nutrisystem Inc
Price: Free