The Pushbullet folks have pushed out an update not to the Android app, but to the Chrome extension, that expedites the whole file pushing process. Now when the need arrives to push a file to all of the devices under your account, instead of sending them off one at a time, the extension will let you target all the things. This is functionality that the Android app and the Pushbullet website already have, so consider this more of a step towards feature parity across the board.

2014-07-30_22-02-31 Screenshot_2014-07-30-22-07-50

Chrome, left. Android, right.

With dismissals synced across devices, this means users can send a file to everything they own and choose which one to consume it on later without having to deal with a flood of notifications.

Firefox support is already prepared, but Mozilla takes 1-2 weeks to approve updates. So the Pushbullet folks are waiting for a previous release to get approved before submitting this one. It's all part of the process.

Pushbullet - SMS on PC and more
Pushbullet - SMS on PC and more

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