Many fans of the original PS1-era RE-VOLT were thrilled when a port was released on Android last year. The portable version included all of the goofy kart-style racing that made the original a sleeper hit... with one exception. Both the remastered version and the free-to-play edition lacked online multiplayer, which was a crucial part of the old game. Well, except for the online part. That's been addressed in RE-VOLT 2: Multiplayer, available now as a free download.

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The same simple 3D graphics and amazingly tight controls return from the first game - seriously, these are probably as good as touchscreen controls get on Android. A vast single-player mode is included, and online multiplayer with up to three opponents is handled through Google Play Games. The usual grand prix mode rules apply, and the somewhat insane variety of RC racers will keep things fresh for completionists.

Unfortunately, the shift to a free-to-play model has made RE-VOLT less of a translated classic and more of a modern mobile game that happens to resemble its ancestor. No less than three different kinds of in-game currency are found in RE-VOLT 2, including "batteries," which is an energy system. You can fill them up with real money, or by watching advertising, or by bugging your friends with social network posts, or even by gambling in the in-game slot machine. Remember, you're playing with game points, not real money... the fact that you can buy points with money makes it technically not gambling! Hooray! The game also has advertising after most races.

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Frequent Android gamers know that this kind of currency-based IAP for upgrades will make online multiplayer unbalanced, forcing players to either pay or grind through the single-player mode to remain competitive. Frankly, I think I'll skip this iteration in favor of the existing (paid) single-player game. That edition has IAP, but it's only for unlocking cars which can be had via regular play. Getting the thrill of live multiplayer isn't worth the hassle.