In case you've forgotten that Microsoft knows how to have fun (and I can understand why you would), there's a certain game console it produces that has sold millions (hint, its name is plastered across the top of this game's icon). Now the company is sharing more of its light-hearted side with Android users. Its latest release is a port of a Windows word-building game that goes by the name of Snap Attack.

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The game places movable letter tiles on a board and tasks players with building words. Some of the letters are locked in place, and there's a short time limit that keeps the pressure high. Words that that are readable from left to right or top to bottom (think Scrabble) are known as Snaps and worth points. The game tracks your progress over time (using a Microsoft Account or Facebook) and shows how you compare to others on the Xbox Leaderboards.

Snap Attack is free to play and doesn't contain any in-app purchases, but you will have to put up with ads. Microsoft isn't after your money with this one - just your brain. So allow yourself a minute or two of fun. But be quick about it, because then it's back to the office.

Snap Attack®
Snap Attack®
Price: Free