The CyanDelta Updater app now has support for Paranoid Android, so users of that ROM can join the likes of their CyanogenMod or OmniROM running peers in avoiding that beefy ROM update each night. Keeping up with the nightly Joneses typically requires downloading a sizable update daily, but CyanDelta addresses this situation by only pulling down delta files, which contain just the part of each update that has actually changed. The premise is simple: why download an entire ROM each day if you can simply get what's new?

To dive in, you must first download the .zip file for whichever ROM you want to run (as long as it's CyanogenMod, OmniRom, or Paranoid Android). Then you fire up CyanDelta and select said file. The app will then inform you when future updates arrive and pull down just what's necessary.

2014-07-31 11.15.59

For more guidance, take a look at our hands-on from a couple years ago. Not much has changed since then, as the app looks exactly the same.

What's new:

  • Added support for Paranoid Android
  • Fixed crash with buggy theme engines
  • Added Spanish translation (thanks KrAzYtHeBoY)
  • Added Polish translation (thanks TomoS)

CyanDelta Updater
CyanDelta Updater
Developer: Mattia Baldani
Price: Free+

Thanks, Mike Tamanti.