Sprint's Virgin Mobile pre-paid brand is announcing a new plan option today called Virgin Mobile Custom. Can you guess what the hook is from the name? Yes, it's a cell phone plan that you can customize. The plans come with a basic level of service, then you choose what extras to add. The catch is that you'll only be able to get these plans at Walmart stores.


Each line on Virgin Mobile Custom comes with 20 texts and 20 voice minutes for $6.98 per month. You probably want more than that, so there are unlimited upgrades for voice ($18) and texting ($10) or $35 for both. If you want data on a line, it can be added in various tiers—250 MB for $8, 500 MB for $13.50, 750 MB for $16, 1 GB for $18.50 and 2 GB for $28 monthly. You can also change the plans at any point during the month.

Virgin Mobile Custom will also have some odd "Special Offers" that include unlimited data for certain services. For example, you can pay about $5 extra to get unlimited Facebook or Pandora data. $15 gets you unlimited "social networking." This is all starting to sound a little too much like cable TV subscriptions to me, but okay. There are also robust parental controls with features like data and app restrictions. If this sounds like a thing you want, the plans will be live August 9th, but only on three phones—the ZTE Emblem ($79.99), LG Pulse ($99.99), and the LG Unify ($129.99).