Samsung pitched Milk Music this spring as a totally free music service exclusive to its devices, but slipped in at the end that it might not be free forever. You can still stream tunes for free without ads (or so the description says), but the new update to Milk adds the expected $3.99 monthly subscription for additional features.

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You'll have to sign in with a Samsung account to even have the option of upgrading. If you do so, the app has you input credit card details. Yes, it would be nice if it just used the Play Store subscription system, but Samsung doesn't want to give Google a cut, apparently. You are, of course, able to skip this and continue using the limited version of Milk.

The premium subscription gives you the following benefits.

  • Listening to stations without a network connection
  • Receiving unlimited song skips
  • Turning on/off station DJ commentary
  • Pausing the app automatically with Sleep Timer

The only other change in this update is a collection of miscellaneous bug fixes and stability improvements that are too minor to be listed. Keep in mind this is still a US-only service.

The app was not found in the store. :-(