Enough of these watch faces that are all about delivering important information and attractive "design." How about some animated GIFs? This app downloads trending animations from Giphy and syncs them to the watch to be displayed each time you wake it up. Want to see it in action? We've got a video.

The app downloads 100 GIFs when you install it, which is a fair chunk of data—probably best to make sure you're on WiFi. After that, it checks periodically and downloads new ones to keep a fresh supply (max of 100, though). A new random GIF is supposed to appear each time, but randomness isn't always as random as you think, so expect a few repeats. Waking the watch up too frequently can also result in a black screen as the app struggles to keep up (I am assuming this is the cause).

q w e

The devs are working on adding settings so you can control the downloads, but it's still pretty fun right now. However, like all Wear watch faces right now, it is obscured by the taller cards (I have notifications muted in the video so you can see everything). Still, you should probably download this and amuse yourself.

Note: I am fully aware of the dispute over the pronunciation of "GIF." Don't start with me. The pronunciation in the video was intentional—team hard G for life.

The app was not found in the store. :-(