Developer Moondrop Apps has brought Drawp for School to Android, a collaborative creation tool that gives teachers the means of producing content and sharing it with their students. Considering the amount of time they spend both distributing and collecting assignments from their pupils, this is a clear itch for tech to scratch. Drawp can cut down on the time lost to the process and add in that extra bit of pizzazz.

Drawp serves as an all-in-one solution that deals with both ends of the experience. Teachers can fire up the app to create projects, use the provided cloud storage (or the Google Drive/Dropbox integration) to save them, and then tap a button to send them out. Students are alerted on their end when there's something new to see, and they can then interact with the task right away without having to turn it in the next day. Teachers can collaborate with students collectively or provide one-on-one instruction.

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The app is free to download and try, but teachers need a subscription in order to use it full-time. Prices range from $39 to $99 a year for unlimited classes and assignments.

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The software has been available for iOS for some time now, but with Android making some inroads with schools, it's nice to see it make an appearance in the Play Store below.

Drawp for School
Drawp for School
Developer: Moondrop Apps
Price: Free

Award-Winning Drawp for School Classroom Management App Now Available for Android

Intuitive workflow management for Android and iOS tablets saves teachers time and enhances creativity in the classroom

SAN FRANCISCO, July 22, 2014 Drawp for School today launched the Android version of its popular classroom management tool. The creative tablet app is COPPA-compliant, can be used with multiple subjects and saves teachers classroom time by automatically collecting, organizing and storing assignments in the secure Drawp cloud.

Drawp’s interactive whiteboard turns any subject into a creative learning experience—enhanced with drawing, painting, voice stickers and text. SimpleShare™ technology allows real time collaboration between teachers and students—all with a single swipe. Sharing with Drawp is easy for students and teachers. Automatic collection, organization and storage simplifies time-consuming administrative tasks for teachers.

“We saw a need for an easier way to manage digital content in the classroom,” notes Ana Albir, Moondrop Entertainment CEO. “Mobile devices are an increasingly important component of education, and Drawp provides a unique way to incorporate digital creation without disrupting class time or adding extra work for teachers.”

With both iOS and Android accessibility, Drawp For School is available for all major tablets and is compatible with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) classrooms. BYOD is a growing trend that encourages student-centered learning, cost-savings for schools, and is currently used in approximately 85% of K-12 and higher ed classrooms.

“Management is key to making tablets a successful learning tool for my classrooms,” says Emily Bradley of Angleton, Texas’ Westside Elementary. “Drawp is user-friendly and it makes it easier for me to keep up with students’ work, as well as for them to share work with one another. It also helps me with assignments, and inspires creativity in the kids as well.”

Powerful creation tools: drawing, painting, photos, text and voice stickers.
SimpleShare™ technology: swipe to share and collaborate
Protects privacy: COPPA compliant and has the TRUSTe seal of approval.
Unlimited storage in the Drawp cloud; compatible with Dropbox and Google Drive
Safe and secure: no email or in-app purchases.
Eases teacher workload: Drawp automatically collects, organizes and stores assignments
Common Core aligned tips and collaboration tools
Expedites teacher/parent communication
Easy: Ideal tool for K-8 students

Drawp For School received the Mom's Choice Gold Award, the Appysmarts Editor’s Choice Award, and is certified by Teachers with Apps.

“As a teacher or class leader the possibilities of sending…works among co-workers or co-collaborators are only limited by your imagination.”
- Teachers With Apps

“A unique app for teachers to create assignments to share with students…potential for enhancing instruction in great ways….”
- Smart Apps For Kids

A community site dedicated to teacher resource sharing is coming in late Summer 2014.

Pricing and Availability
Drawp For School is available free on iTunes and Google Play. Annual subscriptions from $39.00 per teacher are available here: