As far as we can tell, today's over-the-air update for Fuhu's top-of-the-line DreamTab HD8 is the first time the company has published an Android 4.4 device build. Not that the kid-friendly target demographic is likely to care that their tablets are running the latest and greatest KitKat build, but heck, newer is better, right? According to Nabi's support website, the update is going out to tablets today, and can be initiated with the usual manual check in "Mommy or Daddy mode."

In addition to the extras in Android 4.4., the update adds a basic calendar app designed to let children start learning their Gregorian. The update also enables the tablet's NFC capability (which was apparently dormant before now), specifically so that kids can play with the How To Train Your Dragon-branded Morpho Pods toys in the School of Dragons game. It's kind of like Skylanders, with a little LEGO thrown in. Presumably other apps can now use NFC on the grown-up side of the software.

Fixes and improvements include adjustments to the music and gallery apps and the app download tool, better Bluetooth pairing, and plugging a potential Internet access bug in the Crafts and Spinlets+Music apps. You'll need a sizeable 1.5GB of free space to update the tablet (it looks like they're updating all of the core software, not just Android), so find a handy Wi-Fi hotspot as well.

Source: Nabi support