We suspect Motorola is cooking up a few devices to be revealed in the next few months, but the company's newest trademark is a bit of a head-scratcher. Motorola filed for a trademark on the name "Moto Maxx" just a few days ago, but that could mean several things.


Moto Maxx would be an odd mix of naming conventions from Motorola. Its multi-carrier devices are usually (in the last year) Moto Something, but the Verizon Maxx phones from Motorola have been Droids. Perhaps we're looking at a Motorola device with a bigger battery that's available on more carriers. Alternatively, Verizon is no longer using the Droid branding, which was licensed from Lucasfilm.

If I had to guess, I'd say this is going to be the Droid Maxx successor. Maybe Disney (the owner of Lucasfilm these days) decided not to renew the agreement that allowed Verizon to use the Droid name. There might be some temptation to relate this to Shamu, but I don't see Motorola mixing up its branding that much.

[USPTO – Thanks, Justin]