Are you ready to stumble harder than you've ever stumbled in your life? Then prepare yourself for the most stumble-equipped app in the Play Store, StumbleUpon v4.0. The new version of StumbleUpon has a few notable changes that make it easier to lose huge swaths of your life in the internet's time vortex.

StumbleUpon_Activity Center (Phone)  StumbleUpon_Share (Tablet) StumbleUpon_Homescreen (Tablet) StumbleUpon_Menu (Tablet)

Here's everything that's new in v4.0.

  • Activity Center: View shares and follower notifications in the new Activity Center.

  • New Navigation Menu: One tap access to your likes, lists, interests and followers.

  • Better Browsing: Browse links within Stumbles and use the soft back key to seamlessly return to your original Stumble.

  • Sharing via SMS: Share your favorite discoveries instantly via SMS messaging.

  • Add to List: In two taps you can add to a list with our quick menu.

  • Discover Lists: Find trending, new and recommended lists with an easy-to-use tabbed layout.

The updated navigation menu has that characteristic Android aesthetic, but more importantly it now offers easy access to all areas of the app. The inclusion of SMS sharing seems odd, but there it is in the changelog. Was it really missing before? At any rate, it's easier to get around in the app, and it's free.

Developer: StumbleUpon Inc.
Price: Free