Say what you will about certain social networks, LinkedIn is the one basically all of us can agree isn't any fun to use. That's not its purpose. We go there either to get a job or to tell everyone about the job we just got. It's easy for people with stable employment to end up with profiles as current as their Myspace pages.

When the time does come to give the profile a quick touch-up, the latest version of the Android app hopes to make that experience just a bit nicer. LinkedIn has redesigned the way profile pages look within the app, and it's simplified the editing experience. It's even willing to hold your hand through the process, in case you've forgotten how (and who could blame you?).

LinkedIn1 LinkedIn2 LinkedIn3

The update also lets users see who has viewed their profiles and what they may have in common with said viewers. It goes to show how often most of us use LinkedIn that this feature is even sustainable.

What's new:

  • Easily edit your profile in the app, using a simple guided editing experience.
  • Your profile is more rewarding as you can see who’s viewed you and what you have in common with them.
  • Also, check out your favorite schools’ pages directly from the app.