I'm planning a trip to India and Ireland next month, and since it'll be only the second time I've left North America, I could use a few directions. Google's various services are fine for that as they are, but the latest addition to Search is a handy one for anyone on the road. If you've booked your hotel online and received a receipt or confirmation in your Gmail inbox, Google will make a note of it.


Then when you're on your trip, Google will know when and where you're staying, in one of those really cool and slightly creepy connections that Search and Google Now are getting so good at. So, while you're in Sligo you can give the voice command, "show me restaurants around my hotel," and Google will know exactly where that is, giving you the relevant results faster. When you've finished your Thornhill Duck at the Silver Apple, you can tell Google to "give me directions to my hotel," and get navigation back to your room without having to dig through Gmail to remember where you stayed.

It's a small addition, and remember that you'll need to have something in your Gmail account that mentions both the location and the date of your stay. But anyone eager to get around a new city a little more easily will surely appreciate the addition.

Source: Google+