I don't think anyone has ever accused cable companies of having the best aesthetic sensibilities, but DISH Network's former Android streaming app was a particularly good example of how not to do it. It was a lazy port of the iPhone version, and it showed, covering the basic streaming and scheduling with the bare minimum of effort. The new version... well, I'd be lying if I said it was great, but at least it gets a facelift and a proper tablet interface.

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Old on top, new down below.

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Other additional features in the updated app include various new content discovery tools like a Netflix-style recommendation engine, a list of the most popular shows (for better or worse), and a personal watch list. The integrated remote control has been re-designed, and users with specific "Hopper" set-top boxes can also control their televisions with the app remote.

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(Though Dish Anywhere is still compatible with phones, it looks like they forgot to upload the screenshots. Bummer.)

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The old management and transfer capabilities (which vary depending on your satellite hardware) are still there, and the latest reviews in the Play Store seem to indicate that the update is being well-received. Since DISH is the only way to get access to at least some of this content, that's a very good thing.

DISH Anywhere
DISH Anywhere
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