App installation on Android Wear is completely transparent when it works correctly, but that can be an issue when things aren't going smoothly. Wear Apps Tracker makes the watch act a bit more like your phone with regard to app changes. Basically, it adds notifications.

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With the default behavior, there's no good way to know when an app is installed to the watch. It usually happens a moment after the phone app is installed, but sometimes you need to manually resync. Then how do you know when a Wear app has been updated along with all the stuff on your phone? All Wear Apps Tracker does is show a notification on the watch each time an app is installed, updated, or removed. This is a work in progress, and the next step will add the ability to pull the app name for each notification. Update: The new version of Wear App Tracker has app names for installs and updates. Uninstalls coming soon.

Adding this behavior makes a lot of sense, but I can see why Google didn't include this functionality in the stock software. You might end up with a lot of these notifications if there are more than a few Wear apps on your device—the watch is supposed to be notifying you of important things. Of course, maybe you consider app changes to be important. It's a neat option either way.

Wear Apps Tracker
Wear Apps Tracker
Developer: Luigi Notaro
Price: Free