Here's something that you might not know about Chrome for Android: you can search for text within a web page by typing your query in the URL bar, without using the menu button to manually tap the "find in page" tool. When searching for non-URL queries, you can tap the first result with the magnifying glass icon in the corner to search the text of the current page.

2014-07-26 17.16.33 redarrow 2014-07-26 17.17.13

(If Chrome's URL bar auto-fills an address, just press backspace.)

It's a little-known feature - in fact, an informal Google+ poll from our own Artem Russakovskii found that less than half of over 700 users even knew it was there. Those who did know it was there said they used it frequently.

Unfortunately, the latest beta of Chrome for Android seems to have removed the URL bar text search feature. Check out the same process repeated below in the recently-released Chrome for Android 37 Beta:

2014-07-26 17.28.45 2014-07-26 17.29.21

Note that the more obvious "Find in page" tool is still there, accessible from the menu button in the action bar (or on your device's hardware buttons) just like it always was.

 2014-07-26 17.29.37

Obviously this isn't a huge part of the browser, and Google probably re-arranged it along with some other features in the sizeable Beta 37 update. Still, we hope it comes back before too long, preferably before build 37 gets published in the stable version of Chrome.

Source: Artem's Google+

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