Games are about a lot of things. This one is about emotions. Thomas Was Alone may not look it from the screenshots, but its characters are going to suck you in and stick with you for a long time. Yes, these little squares are absolutely endearing, and you're going to care about them more than you think before this journey is up.

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If it isn't immediately obvious, Thomas Was Alone is no ordinary platformer. This minimal 2D adventure contains over ten playable characters, each with their own personalities and skillsets that players will need to tap into to make it through all 100 levels, with charming voice-overs narrating most of the way. All in all, there's roughly three to four hours of content to be found. Early Play Store reviews docked a few points due to people experiencing crashes here or there, but if that hasn't been squared away already, it should only be a matter of time.

This game first debuted in 2010 and has since leaped across a number of platformers, winning over gamers every step of the way. Now the experience available on Android for just $3.99 without any in-app purchases. It's time for a bunch of you to meet Thomas for the first time.

Thomas Was Alone
Thomas Was Alone
Developer: Bossa Studios Ltd
Price: $4.99