Cartoon Network has released The Great Prank War simultaneously for Android (including Amazon) and iOS, and to make things sweeter, the game retails for $2.99 without any in-app purchases. For Regular Show fans, that makes this an experience to be enjoyed without the anxiety.

The Great Prank War is a fierce battle over control of a park, with the manager of a rival area having gone back in time to alter history and place both establishments under his domain. Now players must take control over various characters from the show and wage war in this hybrid tower defense strategy game where the challenge consists of destroying the enemy's fortifications while protecting their own (Swords and Soldiers comes to mind here).

PrankWar1 PrankWar2

PrankWar3 PrankWar4

With four characters to choose from, various pranks to deploy, and plenty of enemy types, there should be enough content here to satisfy a road trip or two. Let the Great Prank War begin.

The Great Prank War
The Great Prank War
Developer: Cartoon Network
Price: $2.99