Got an Android Wear device? If so, there's a mic on your wrist, so you might as well use it to keep track of all the insightful things that come tumbling out of your mouth. Or random craziness, whichever you're more prone to. Wear Audio Recorder lets you record voice notes from the watch, which are then pushed over to the phone.

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Just open the app on Android Wear to make a new voice note. The UI is just a few swipable screens with big buttons in the middle—perfectly usable on Wear. When you've finished recording, a card will show up in the stream to let you know the file has been sent to the phone successfully. You can use this card to open the phone app and listen to the recording. The current watches don't have speakers, so there would be no reason to include playback functionality in the Wear component.

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The files are uncompressed WAVs, so you'll probably want to be careful how much you record. The audio quality seems fine to me, but a little quiet with the G Watch. That might just be how the mic on that device works, though. The app is free if you want to check it out.

Wear Audio Recorder
Wear Audio Recorder
Developer: BinomV
Price: Free+