Chrome Beta is sporting a new Material Design look now, but Mozilla's Firefox Beta is doing okay. In fact, it is getting an update to v32 with a number of changes that you might notice. Of course, there are also plenty of things going on behind the scenes that you'll never know about if you don't read the changelog.


Here's what we've got in Firefox Beta 32.


  • In-browser switching for 54 supported languages
  • Clear History control added to the history panel
  • New HTTP caching (v2) enabled by default
  • Support URI autocomplete on Swype
  • Integration of generational garbage collection
  • Gamepad API finalized and enabled

What changed

  • Removed and turned off trust bit for some 1024-bit root certificates
  • Android 2.2 and ARMv6 no longer supported


  • Vibration API updated to latest W3C spec
  • CSS box-decoration-break replaces -moz-background-inline-policy
  • CSS position:sticky enabled by default
  • Mix-blend-mode enabled by default
  • New Array built-in: Array.from()
  • navigator.languages property and languagechange event implemented

Known Issues

  • Does not start on Android L preview
  • Video controls are displayed in the middle of the video

There's a more extensive developer-oriented changelog available on the Mozilla site. The update should be live for everyone – well, unless you have Android 2.2 or L. Then you're just out of luck.

Firefox for Android Beta
Firefox for Android Beta
Developer: Mozilla
Price: Free