The Amazon Appstore doesn't have as many games as Google Play, but it sure knows how to give them away. In addition to the long-running free app of the day (today, Age of Zombies), the store regularly dishes out discounted games in mass. Today all but two of Disney's sixteen paid games are available for 99 cents each, with ten of them usually costing a couple dollars more.

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Unfortunately Disney's $9.99 HD remake of Castle of Illusion isn't one of the ten discounted titles. Regardless, there's a decent selection of content here, especially for the parents out there with kids to entertain. Here's the full list, including the four 99 cent games that aren't discounted (since they're all mixed together), for your convenience.

Fourteen $0.99 Disney games:

  1. Doc McStuffins (down from $3.99)
  2. Disney Checkout Challenge (not discounted)
  3. Disney XD Grand Prix (not discounted)
  4. Gravity Falls Mystery Shack Attack (down from $2.99)
  5. Jake's Pirate School (down from $2.99)
  6. Monsters University (not discounted)
  7. Temple Run: Brave (down from $1.99)
  8. Temple Run: Oz (down from $1.99)
  9. Toy Story: Smash It! (down from $1.99
  10. Where's My Mickey? (down from $1.99)
  11. Where's My Mickey? XL (down from $2.99)
  12. Where's My Perry? (down from $2.99)
  13. Where's My Water? (down from $1.99)
  14. Where's My Water? Feat. XYY (not discounted)

Disney games on Amazon

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