Android Wear has a lot of fine points, but there are a few things missing from the first round of devices. One of the more annoying shortcomings is the lack of a light sensor on the G Watch or the Gear Live. The Moto 360, however, will have a light sensor built in, according to Motorola's Cathay Bi.

In the TechCrunch video above, she clearly states there is an ambient light sensor in the 360 (at 1m 55s). Because Samsung and LG's watches don't have light sensors, you have to manually adjust the brightness each time the lighting changes (i.e. moving between indoors and outdoors). The Moto 360 will do it automatically. It's actually an important point – odd that no one has picked up on it.

The more we learn about the Moto 360, the more it seems like the first truly finished Wear device. The G Watch and Gear Live are like demos for the software. There's nothing amazing about them, but they're fine for seeing what this Android Wear thing is all about. Now if only we had some launch details for the Moto 360.

[Thanks, Curtis]