Google sells a lot of games, but often, the ones downloaded from the Play Store require Internet access even in single-player modes. (Square Enix, Gameloft, we're glaring at you.) So for the latest promotion, they've decided to highlight games that don't require such frivolities. You can play them on a train. You can play them on a plane. You can play them in a box. You can play them with a fox. Because like planes, trains, boxes, and foxes, they work without any data connection at all.


Not all of these titles are must-haves in our opinion, and none in the list appear to be discounted. Still, it's a handy little list if you're planning a trip and want some reliable entertainment. Some of the games have an online multiplayer or ranking system, but they don't need a connection for single-player. Here are our picks of the litter:

Oh, and if you're planning a plane or car trip, you might want to skip Gameloft's latest take on "realistic" military shooters, Modern Combat 5. Though we're glad the $7 game doesn't have in-app purchases, it does require an Internet connection at all times (not just for check-ins), even in the single-player campaign. Fellow Android Police writer and MC5 reviewer Ryan Whitwam is not amused.

Source: Google Play Store

Thanks, Stéphane Clotilde!