Four months ago, part one of the Kickstarter-funded fifth installment of the Broken Sword series hit the Play Store costing $6.99. It has since dropped to $4.99, and today part two of the saga is available for one dollar more, a reasonable $5.99. Okay, now that the math is out of the way, let's recap. Broken Sword is a long-running adventure series (the 5 in the name may have given that away) that has been picking up fans since 1996, and given the success the franchise found on Kickstarter, clearly many of them have stuck around.

These most recent installments bring many improvements, including visuals that really are a treat. All of that pointing and clicking (or in our case, tapping) should go down much easier when the game looks like this.

BrokenSword1 BrokenSword2 BrokenSword3

This title scales to both phones and tablets, though the latter may still provide for an easier experience. We all know how point-and-click games go. Sometimes selecting the right portion of the screen to solve a puzzle requires a fair degree of precision.

In this genre, carefully following the plot is every bit as important as keeping an eye on the action, so the story is available in a number of languages. Voice overs come in English, French, and German, while subtitles are offered in English, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish. That means quite a few people should be able to take advantage of the link below.