The Kenu Airframe+ mounts phones to a vehicle's vent, placing it in plain sight of the driver without requiring dedicated hardware to occupy precious windshield real estate. It's a simple concept, even if it's not particularly groundbreaking. I first came across the concept at a department store selling a mount for cheap. But Kenu's product has a secret up its sleeve - it's hyper portable, and it's really good. Considering just how many complicated options there are out there, it's good to see someone reduce a mount down to the bare essentials and get it right.

Kenu Airframe+ - 08

If you used the original Airframe, you already know what to expect here. The Airframe+, like the previous model, is both small and easy to remove, so you don't have to worry about damaging the mount or the vent when taking it off. I've spent a few weeks with the product, and when not in use, I've kept it tucked away in one of my car compartments with spare chargers and other things I don't need out 100% of the time. The regular movement hasn't loosened the Airframe+'s hold or left any marks on my air vent. This is thanks to the very effective grip this thing sports on its backside.


The Airframe+ takes the original design, slathers on a fully black coat on paint, and bumps support for phone sizes up from five inches to six. This makes it wide enough to hold the Galaxy Notes and OnePlus Ones of the world.

Kenu Airframe+ - 02 Kenu Airframe+ - 04

Like the original model, you can position the Airframe+ vertically or horizontally, so it's possible to use your navigation app of choice in whichever orientation you prefer best. I found that the vertical position felt more stable, but in neither instance was I genuinely concerned about the mount losing its hold on the vent.

Airframe+3 Airframe+2

I've used the Airframe+ around the town and at high speeds on the interstate, and in neither case did it give me any concern. I didn't have to worry about any of the turns I took, which isn't something I can say for some of the cheaper, off-brand options out there.

As important as it is that the Airframe+ gets the essentials right, what really sets this mount apart is its portability. This is a thing you can take out of one vehicle and carry over into another without a second thought. It can go wherever your phone does without any extra hassle.


The product goes for $29.95, placing it at five bucks more than the original model. The price point originally turned me off, but after having used the Airframe+ for the better part of a month, it's an easy recommendation. This thing is precisely what I've been looking for to keep my smartphone in place, and it works without taking up a permanent corner of the windshield, leaving any residue on the back of my phone, or causing any damage to the vehicle taking it on or off. And all black simply looks better than the previous iteration.

Okay, that's enough praises. Here's a link below for anyone who may be looking to give the Airframe+ a go.

Airframe+ at

Kenu Launches Airframe+ for Phablets

SAN FRANCISCO – July 22, 2014 – By popular demand, Kenu is excited to release Airframe+ for smartphones with up to six inch screens (aka: Phablets) and larger cases. Sporting a new sleek design while still weighing under an ounce, Airframe+ offers all the great functionality and portability of the original Airframe car mount.

Using an adjustable, spring-loaded jaw, Airframe+ expands wider to support nearly all smartphones and phablets including the iPhone 5S (4" screen) to the Lumia 1520 (6" screen). It even accommodates oversized cases like the Otterbox Defender and Mophie battery cases.

Airframe+ securely mounts to any vent (horizontal, vertical, angled, or circular), allowing users to keep their smartphones safely in view at eye level and ready for GPS directions, streaming music, and hands-free calls. Airframe+ eliminates fumbling searches, looking away from the road, and other unsafe behaviors, while abiding by local hands-free laws.

Additionally, a user can insert a card from their wallet into the vent clip to transform Airframe+ into the perfect hands-free stand; ideal for watching movies, video calls, or playing games on flights and train rides in portrait or landscape format.

Airframe+ is available now for $29.95 at

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