Let's just say you popped open Facebook and spotted something interesting shared by one of your friends – maybe you want to save that? I can't remember the last time this happened, but I'm sure it's possible. That's what Facebook's newly announced Save feature is for, and I'm kind of surprised it didn't already exist.

Save will work on the web and in the mobile apps. The options for each post in your news feed will include the ability to save the content (be it a web link, restaurant, album, or anything else) to your Facebook profile for later. When you check your saved items, you'll find them split up by category and ready to be opened, shared, or archived. Facebook will also bug you occasionally if you have saved items that you haven't done anything with.

You could already do similar things by sharing to services like Pocket or Pinterest, but now it's built into Facebook, which is just how the social network wants it. The feature will start rolling out to the web and mobile apps (iOS and Android) over the next few days.

[Facebook via The Next Web]