I must confess to a near-total ignorance in all things Minecraft. My basic understanding is that you punch trees, dig, run from exploding zombies, and out of that somehow comes a full-scale digital model of the starship Enterprise or the entire country of Denmark. But I do know that "crafting" is a big part of all that, and in order to effectively craft, you need to know what to start with and what tools to use. Now you can get all that information in an Android Wear app.

Some cynical, jaded observers (who are and shall remain Eric) think that putting together a Wear app like this is stupid. I counter that since there are a ton of people who play Minecraft: Pocket Edition on Android, and might not have another phone or tablet handy to look up how to make a diamond flux capacitor or whatever, this actually makes a lot of sense. Unless you're playing it on your PC or console, and just decide to use an Android Wear watch instead of your phone. That's kinda stupid, yeah.

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Craft has actually been around for a couple of months, and it makes a perfectly serviceable material and crafting guide without a Wear device. The free, ad-supported app uses a Holo interface and a quick search function to help you find items and their recipes quickly. What's next? A pint-sized version of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? A Skyrim alchemist's wrist journal? A Wear version of the Pokedex? (Please, let it be a Pokedex.) We'll see. And stay tuned, there's an Android Wear app roundup coming soon.

Craft - Minecraft Craft Guide
Craft - Minecraft Craft Guide
Developer: Sam Ruston
Price: Free+