When the Google Maps Engine app hit Android in late 2013, it enabled users to view and share custom maps. Now an update has landed that empowers them to create and edit such maps as well. Users can spawn new ones, add layers, and move points around as needed. They can then go back and rename aspects as they wish.

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The update has also introduced some UI changes, so while it may look largely the same, it's a little cleaner around the edges. This should improve the quality of the experience overall, though users may still want to hop over to a desktop to really have at things (especially people working for businesses). And while creating new maps may be fun, there's value to be found in perusing some of the options that are already available from the likes of NASA, National Geographic, and the World Bank. It's good stuff.

What's new:

  • create, delete, and move points
  • create new maps and layers
  • rename maps and layers
  • several UI improvements

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