Motorola has some Moto Xs lying around that it wants to get rid of, so it's offering the smartphone on its website at a discount if you happen to know the magic word. In this case, that word is gibberish. Just head over to the site, pick out a Moto X in any size, and enter the coupon code MBXISMOT at checkout.


But before you go, here's how much you may potentially save. Motorola is cutting $100 off the price of the 16GB model, bringing it down to $299.99. People who apply the code to the 32GB or 64GB variants will save $125 instead, bringing the cost down to $324.99 and $374.99 respectively. Frankly, that's not bad. Not bad at all. The code expires on the 23rd, so have at it while you can.

Moto X on

Via: SlickDeals