Updates are typically exciting, but just like they can add new features, they can also take them away. Version 5.5 of PayPal's Android app tells precisely this type of story. The latest release adds in the ability to link loyalty cards to an account and reduce the strain on wallets everywhere. It also brings in faster logins, though this second change takes place behind the scenes, as the login screen looks just like it did before.

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Yet at the same time, this release strips PayPal of its check scanning feature. It's still possible to transfer money over from a linked bank account or a friend, but that's not as versatile as being able to simply replenish funds with a check. At least PayPal didn't try to sneak this by users. The disappearance is mentioned right on the app's Play Store page.

What's new:

  • Loyalty cards, login, and more!
  • Vroom! Faster logins are here. We did some work behind the scenes to speed things up for you.
  • Link all of your favorite loyalty cards to PayPal. Carry virtual versions on your phone. Your wallet deserves the break.
  • We’re no longer offering the “scan a check” feature. Not to worry. You can still add money to PayPal directly from your bank account.