Lately, Google has been making big strides to bring the web iteration of its Play Store more in line with the Android app. The ability to report an inappropriate or malicious app seems like a no-brainer when you're running an app market. Though you've always been able to do this via the Play Store's Android app, you have never been able to do so via the web interface. A little while back, it appears that Google snuck this in without telling anyone, though the process is still more convoluted than it, perhaps, should be.


The "Flag as inappropriate" link takes you to a page on Google Support, where you then have to click a couple of extra times to eventually find another link to a web form for reporting malicious content. It seems this process could have been simplified by having the "Flag as inappropriate" link take you directly to the form which allows you to do that. This is still better than nothing, however, and it's certainly a welcome addition.