DoubleTwist's unique Android music app has been able to stream audio to Apple's AirPlay standard for some time, and to Qualcomm's competing AllPlay WiFi speakers since May. But for some reason, the company's Pandora-style streaming music service Magic Radio wasn't included. They have now corrected this oversight, and the latest version of the DoubleTwist app on the Play Store can now stream Magic Radio to AirPlay or AllPlay devices. You'll need the $8.99 upgrade to access streaming.


DoubleTwist can connect to multiple AirPlay and AllPlay outputs, selectively streaming to any of them with the app's built-in interface. The original feature of DoubleTwist, automated music syncing to and from desktop computers, remains in place. The ad-free Magic Radio service costs $25 a year with a 7-day trial, and purportedly uses a catalog of "over 13 million songs." At present it looks like there's no integrated way to stream Magic Radio to a Chromecast, so that's one up for Pandora and Google Play Music, I suppose.

Source: DoubleTwist