Human society didn't really enter the modern era until we invented the remote control, because let's face it, no one wants to get up. The freedom to loaf around is an important part of life, and Universal Remote brings that to your PC. With today's update, it's much more attractive and useful. Unlike you... because of all that loafing around.

The v3.0 update was in beta testing prior to today's full rollout, so don't be confused if you've seen it around. The app can be used to control media playback, mouse movement, keyboard input, and more. It also has built-in support for a ton of apps.

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Here's the full changelog for v3.0.

Free + Full Version:

  • Complete UI overhaul
  • New navigation
  • New server manager
  • New quick switch menu
  • New mouse overlay

Full Version:

  • New extended remotes lists
  • New extended keyboard board
  • New media bar
  • New widget editor
  • New quick actions editor

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Note that only some of the new features are available in the free version, which looks to still be propagating in the Play Store. The Pro version ($3.99) appears to be done, though. There was also a small bump to v3.0.17 with some bug fixes. Remember you'll need the desktop remote client for Windows, Linux, or Mac to make the remote app work. Some screens from the old version are below.

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Unified Remote
Unified Remote
Developer: Unified Intents
Price: Free

Unified Remote Full
Unified Remote Full
Developer: Unified Intents
Price: $4.99

[Thanks, Eduardo Ribeiro]