Long, long ago, in a forest far away, there lived a squirrel (I can't say for sure which forest it was, or which squirrel in particular, so you'll just have to trust me on this one). And this squirrel loved nuts. Hard nuts, soft nuts, furry nuts, big nuts, small nuts, black nuts, white nuts, red nuts...he just loved nuts. He thought about nuts all the time. He went to sleep thinking of nuts, and woke thinking of nuts. He dreamed of nuts. Sometimes, he would even search for nuts on the internet.

If you're like our squirrel friend here, and you're nuts for nuts, then you should probably check out Nuts - a new vertical endless runner for Android. The game has been around on iOS for a while now (and has over 10 million downloads), and those guys seem to love Nuts.

If you're curious about how you'd feel about Nuts - and I'm sure many of you are - then you can find it at the link below. It's free, but there are IAPs, most likely for power ups and the like. Maybe even for bigger nuts.

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Nuts!: Infinite Forest Run
Nuts!: Infinite Forest Run
Developer: Limbic
Price: Free+