Android Wear apps are continuing to flow into the Play Store, but Wear Mini Launcher might be the most interesting one yet. This app places a slide-out app list on your smart watch, saving you from diving into the options to access things by touch. It was a little wonky at first, but already it's shaping up nicely after a few weekend updates.


Wear Mini Launcher should now work on the Gear Live, which it was super-buggy on before. It's more reliable on the G Watch too with fixes that prevents the service from dying intermittently (i.e. it'll keep working now). The swipe area is small, but recent updates made it feel a bit more generous. There's also a little haptic buzz when you slide the drawer open or closed.

One of the recent updates also added a new brightness slider, which is brilliant. Simply tap the brightness icon in the drawer and the slider appears so you can adjust the brightness level without opening the settings. Wear Mini Launcher still a completely free app – no in-app purchases or anything.

Wear Mini Launcher
Wear Mini Launcher
Developer: Mini Tools
Price: Free+