Sometimes the name really does say it all. Calendar for Android Wear is a simplistic calendar that people with Android Wear watches can strap to their wrists. It shows the date, keeps track of events, and comes in one of five colors. The app doesn't do much else, but in this case, that's attractive.

Calendar1 Calendar2 Calendar3

The app's usefulness is limited out of the box, as users are restricted to a monthly view and must pay a single in-app purchase of roughly $2 to get access to the daily view with details. The watch can't show much on-screen at once, but there's enough space to pick up the event name, time, location, and notes at a glance. It's the kind of information that makes logical sense to stick on a wrist, especially for people in a hurry. Here's a link for anyone looking to check it out.

Calendar for Wear OS
Calendar for Wear OS
Developer: Kodeglam Mobile
Price: Free+