CloudMagic was updated with Android Wear support just as the first watches were going home with I/O attendees. That was still v1, but now we're making the jump to the v5.0 branch, which seems a little dramatic. In fairness, there's a lot of new stuff.

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Here's the full changelog for CloudMagic v5.0.11.

  • You can now access your complete mailbox
  • Access to Spam folder and option to move emails to spam
  • Quick filters from inbox to reach unread or starred emails
  • Choose color for each of your email accounts
  • Set email alert notification tone of your choice
  • Set nickname to your email accounts
  • Cards are faster than ever before
  • A default option to ‘reply’ an email instead of ‘reply all’

If that sounds like a good time, hit the Play Store to update your device. Don't have CloudMagic yet? It's free, and a pretty solid unified email app.