About two years ago, we asked you the same question we're asking today. But two years ago is a long, long time in Android terms. A lot has changed in that time, and there are substantially more software keyboards to choose from (respectable ones, at least) than there were then. At least, I think so.

SwiftKey is likely still the most popular third-party keyboard on Android, that much we can probably assume, but I have to wonder: how much headway have Google, Swype, GO, Fleksy, and others made in the last two years? I've compiled a list of popular keyboards on the Play Store, some of which you may not have heard of, but do have a high number of downloads. The list is a bit long, but when it comes to something like a keyboard app, there are a lot of alternative choices out there.

As a note, if your device's stock keyboard is the Google keyboard, choose Google Keyboard, not "stock OEM keyboard," as Google actually publishes the Google Keyboard as an app on the Play Store. (And yes, the "L" keyboard in any form is the Google Keyboard for the purposes of this poll.) Finally, if you don't have a phone, only a tablet, just choose the keyboard you use on your tablet. If you use more than one keyboard, choose the one you use the most. Otherwise, this should be self-explanatory! If you think a particular keyboard should be added to the list, suggest it in the comments, and I'll consider putting in the poll. Otherwise, happy voting.

What software keyboard are you primarily using on your Android phone?

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