Swype's website has come under attack this evening by a group claiming connections to the pro-Palestinian movement. The website was taken down mid-afternoon (Pacific time) on Saturday, and is still showing a message left there by "TeaM System Dz." As you might suspect, the message is highly critical of Israel (under the so-called #OpSaveGaza banner) for its recent military action in the Gaza Strip.


You can check out the Swype site to see it for yourself, but be aware the hacked page plays music – probably some sort of psychological warfare. Also, it's a website compromised by unknown hacker-types, so maybe exercise a little caution. There could be anything lurking there right now (full sized screen is above for your convenience). It's clear from the language that this group identifies itself as an arm of Anonymous, the loose associate of online troublemakers who take up various social causes. Although, there's no central authority for Anon, so we can't know who's really behind the attack on Swype.

Screenshot_2014-07-12-21-43-25 Screenshot_2014-07-12-22-08-21

Screens showing both the forums and Swype's main page altered

In case you don't follow hashtags, #OpSaveGaza is supposedly an online assault on Israeli websites that kicked off July 11th. The goal is to deface these pages and spread awareness of the hackers' views. I'm not aware of any direct Israeli connection between Swype (or parent company Nuance) and Israel. It's possible the group just noticed a vulnerability and went for it, even though it wasn't the ideal target. Hopefully someone at Swype is working on getting things under control.

[Swype (note: hacked site, use caution) – Thanks, +Ashish Singhh]