Android Wear does a lot of things well right now, but launching apps by touch is not one of them. If you don't want to shout at your wrist, you have to scroll way to the bottom of the options list to see your installed mini-apps like Keep, Evernote, and IFTTT. Wear Mini Launcher makes it much, much easier by showing all your apps with a quick edge gesture.


This is a first of its kind app, so there are a few weird things to consider going in. First, the gesture area is just the top left corner of the screen. So you swipe in from the edge and the scrollable app list should pop out. You have to be careful not to drag down at all, as that pulls the mute panel down. Starting your gesture too low can also grab your top card and swipe it away – it's best to go slow.

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Launching apps from Mini Launcher seems to work just like it does in the native app list, but it's much more convenient. We're seeing a number of reliability issues with this app on the Gear Live, so maybe wait if that's your watch of choice. It seems much better and more consistent on the G Watch, though. The dev is looking into the bugs, but this is great for a first effort. Hopefully more developers will get to work on similar ideas.

Wear Mini Launcher
Wear Mini Launcher
Developer: Mini Tools
Price: Free+