Update: The two sides have agreed to a ceasefire, and the battle is over... for now. Did one participant come out on top? Scroll down to the bottom and let us know what you think.

Some beautiful happenings occur on Twitter with all the surprise and spontaneity of a summer thunderstorm, but fortunately tweets tend to stay around long enough for us to appreciate them after the fact. In this case, the event is still going on. Skin manufacturer dbrand's Twitter account is currently engaged in an epic rap battle with AMD's. We think there is a clear winner here, and no, our bias isn't colored by our appreciation for dbrand's skins. See for yourself.

Here is where AMD jumps in.

The battle has already left behind burn marks and backhand imprints, but it may not be over yet. Pick your sides and hit up the accounts below to see where things go from here. Perhaps afterwards we can look back on this as one of the epic rap battles of history.

Update: The saga continues.

And then, a call for peace.

Throughout the fierce battle, more than a few spectators jumped in with commentary. Here's one for the road.

Sources: @dbrandSkins, @AMDRadeon

Thanks, Darrien Glasser.