The convergence of multiple devices can be a good thing. After all, who wants to carry a bunch of different stuff around when a single thing will do? This is, presumably, the rationale behind the Sprint LivePro, but maybe it's gone a little far. This is a mobile hotspot with a built-in projector and a battery that can charge your phone. The whole thing is, of course, powered by Android.


The mini projector in the LivePro is able to project an image up to 10-feet away. The device itself (4.7x4.7x1.1 inches) can access content through the 4-inch Android touchscreen, or you can share from another device over HDMI, USB, or Miracast. Larger speakers can also be connected via Bluetooth or with a cable.

ZTE Projector on stand back

The LivePro provides 3G/4G data for up to eight devices on Sprint's network, and it supports Sprint Spark. Inside is a 5,000mAh battery that powers the projector and hotspot, but can also be used to charge your devices like a regular external battery. You're stuck with Android 4.2 on the LivePro, and I doubt your mini projector is going to get a lot of OTA updates.

If this all-in-one device is something you need in your life, Sprint will begin selling it on July 11th for $449.99 or 24 monthly payments of $18.75 plus a data plan.