This one is just for owners of Motorola's newer phones like the Moto X and Droid Maxx. Motorola Connect is getting an update from 1.5 to 2.0, and it comes with a big interface change. It's actually an app now, rather than just a settings menu. Weird, right?

1 2 2014-07-08 19.19.01

Before this update, Connect was only accessible from the main system settings, but now it's in the app drawer. It is still in the settings too, but it goes to the same place. Rather than being that same old Holo dark, the app version of Connect is mostly white and has a new icon.

The Chrome extension looks the same, aside from the new icon. Click the overflow menu button in the extension and you'll see the other new feature – "ring my phone." It's yet another way to make your phone scream for help when you lose it. Just update in the Play Store and the Chrome app should also be updated and ready to go.

Motorola Connect
Motorola Connect
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