Quick, if you're on a desktop browser, open a new tab and head for Google Drive. You might just see a new interface for Google's document and storage service, first announced back at Google I/O. Drive is getting a makeover to make it more like navigating files in a desktop file manager, complete with thumbnail views for all items and keyboard modifiers that let you manage multiple files at once. Here, check out Google's slick intro for the new features.


  • A new default view that uses a thumbnail grid instead of a list
  • A combined "new" button for creating new documents
  • File details available from the home screen
  • Desktop-style selection tools, including click-and-drag, Ctrl-modifiers, and drag-and-drop

The new UI seems to be spreading out slowly. If you're part of the initial group of users getting the new stuff, you'll see this prompt the next time you visit the Google Drive website:


And here are a few screenshots from some kind readers. So far, none of the AP team has the new UI, so it may be rolling out slowly.

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 6.49.10 PM

Screenshot 2014-07-08 00.52.29 Screenshot 2014-07-08 00.52.54

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In case you're wondering, the Android Drive app has already been updated.

Thanks, Jack Holt, Jonathan Corvin-Blackburn, and Andrew Jones-McGuire!